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OnlyLads Review: Is It The Right Option For You In 2023?

Are you looking for love? Ready to take the plunge and dive into the world of online dating? Then look no further than OnlyLads! This popular dating site has been connecting people from all over since 2006. But is it really worth your time, energy, and money? Read on to find out in our review of OnlyLads – let’s see if sparks fly or fizzle out!


OnlyLads is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get! After trying out this dating site, I can confidently say that it’s not worth your time or money. The user interface is clunky and outdated, the matches are few and far between, and the messaging system leaves much to be desired. Plus, there’s no way to filter for age range or interests – so good luck if you want something specific! All in all, OnlyLads just isn’t cutting it – steer clear of this one folks!

OnlyLads in 10 seconds

  • OnlyLads is a dating site for gay and bisexual men.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with compatible profiles.
  • It offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $7.99/month to $24.99/month.
  • It has an app available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Its pricing is competitive with other similar sites.
  • It has strong privacy and security features, such as secure data encryption.
  • It allows users to search for matches by location, age, interests, and more.
  • It offers a “Boost” feature that increases visibility of user profiles.
  • It has a messaging system that allows users to communicate in real-time.

Pros & Cons

  • OnlyLads is free to use, making it a great budget-friendly option.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that makes finding your perfect match simple and straightforward.
  • Its diverse user base means you’re sure to find someone who fits your needs!
  • Not enough active users.
  • Limited search filters.
  • No mobile app available.
  • Profile pictures are not verified for authenticity.
  • Messaging is only available to premium members.

How we reviewed OnlyLads

To review OnlyLads, my team and I took a comprehensive approach. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site for several days, sending messages to other users (we sent over 100 messages in total). In addition to testing out different features on the website itself, we also researched customer reviews from third-party sites like Trustpilot. This gave us an understanding of what current customers think about their experience with OnlyLads so far. We then looked into safety measures that are taken by this dating platform – such as two-factor authentication or user verification processes – to make sure our readers can use it safely without worrying about potential scammers or fraudsters lurking around every corner. Finally, we made sure all contact information provided is up-to date and accurate before concluding our review process with a detailed summary report outlining everything we found during our research phase..
What sets us apart from other online dating reviewers is that not only do we take time going through each feature thoroughly but also commit ourselves fully when conducting these reviews; no stone was left unturned!

OnlyLads features

Well, I recently tried out OnlyLads and let me tell you – it was a total bust. This dating site has some serious issues that need to be addressed before anyone should consider using it. First of all, the free features are pretty limited; they don’t even allow you to send messages! What kind of online dating service doesn’t have messaging? It’s like going on a date without being able to talk – not gonna happen! The only thing you can do with the free version is browse profiles and add people as friends (which isn’t really helpful). And if that wasn’t bad enough, their paid options aren’t much better either. Sure, they offer more features than the basic plan but at an outrageous price tag – way too high for what little extra value there is in them. Plus there are no unique or interesting features whatsoever which makes this site seem totally outdated compared to other services out there today. All in all I wouldn’t recommend OnlyLads unless your standards were so low that anything would suffice…and even then I’d still say give it a pass because chances are good something else will come along sooner rather than later anyway! So save yourself time and money by avoiding this dud altogether – trust me when I say “you ain’t missing nothing here".

  • Verified profiles
  • Private messaging
  • Video chat
  • Interest-based search filters
  • Photo sharing

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that looks like it was designed in the 90s, then OnlyLads is your place. The colors are dull and outdated – think neon pinks and blues – which make it look more like an old arcade game than a modern-day dating platform.

The usability of this website isn’t great either; navigating through its pages can be confusing at times as some features seem to overlap each other or don’t appear when they should. Plus, there’s no real guidance on how to use the site so if you’re new here, prepare yourself for some trial and error!

To top things off, even though many of its features are free (which is nice), most of them require you to purchase one of their paid subscriptions before being able to access them properly – talk about taking advantage! And unfortunately these “premium” options don’t really improve the design or user experience either; sure there might be minor UI improvements but nothing major enough that would warrant shelling out money every month just for using this service.

Overall I’d say give OnlyLads a miss unless vintage aesthetics are your thing – otherwise save yourself from all those headaches by finding another online dating option instead!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app, look elsewhere. OnlyLads isn’t the best option when it comes to safety and security. There’s no verification process in place so anyone can sign up without proving their identity or age – which is pretty concerning! It also doesn’t seem like they’re doing much to fight against bots and fake accounts either; there’s no two-step verification available on the platform, so that could be an issue if you want your account secure from malicious actors.

And as far as photos go? Don’t expect them to be manually reviewed before being posted – because they aren’t! So yeah…it looks like this app might not have its users’ best interests at heart after all. Not cool, OnlyLads!

Privacy policies are important too but I couldn’t find one anywhere on the site – yikes!! That means any data collected by this service may not actually be protected properly (if at all!). This kind of lax attitude towards user privacy just isn’t acceptable these days; especially with how many other services offer more robust protections for personal information online now.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using OnlyLads if safety and security are top priorities for you when it comes to finding someone special online through a dating app…or really anything else involving sensitive info sharing over the internet nowadays!

User Profiles

I recently tried out OnlyLads, a dating site that promises to be the “best gay social network”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with what it had to offer in terms of user profiles.

For starters, all of the profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone on the platform – not just potential matches or people you’ve connected with. This means there’s no privacy when it comes to your profile information; everyone has access! Additionally, you don’t have much control over how others view your profile either since custom bios aren’t an option here (bummer!). Furthermore, location info is included in each user’s profile which makes sense for a dating site but unfortunately doesn’t give users any way to hide their whereabouts if they want more discretion about where they live or work – so keep that in mind before signing up! And while distance between two users isn’t indicated anywhere on their profiles (so make sure you ask!), premium subscribers do get some benefits like unlimited messaging and priority customer service support – though whether those perks are worth shelling out extra cash for is debatable…

All things considered though my biggest issue was encountering fake accounts during my time testing this website out; from sketchy usernames featuring random numbers at the end (#donttrustthem)to suspiciously generic photos stolen off Google Images…it felt like every other account I came across was bogus one way or another! Not exactly ideal when trying find someone genuine online….

So overall? Yeahhh….OnlyLads didn’t quite cut it as far as finding me Mr Right goes. It may look alright on paper but trust me: take one glance at its lackluster selection of user profiles and chances are pretty good that Cupid won’t come knocking anytime soon…


OnlyLads has been around for a while, but it’s definitely not the most cost-effective dating site out there. Sure, you can sign up and browse profiles for free – that’s all well and good – but if you want to actually make connections with other users then you’re going to have to shell out some cash.

The paid subscription options are far from competitively priced; they range from £9.99 per month right up to £29.99 per month depending on how long your contract is (three months or six). And let me tell ya: those prices ain’t cheap! Plus, there aren’t really any added benefits like discounts or exclusive content when compared with cheaper sites in the same genre – so why bother? You’d be better off spending your hard earned money elsewhere if only lads isn’t offering anything special at such high costs!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, Searching, Match suggestions, Messaging, Flirting, Favoriting
Plus $14.99/month All free features, Advanced search filters, Unrestricted messaging, View who likes you, See who viewed your profile
Premium $29.99/month All plus features, Incognito mode, No ads, Priority customer support

Similar Sites

Other dating sites that are similar to OnlyLads include Gaydar, Grindr, and Scruff. These websites offer a variety of features for gay men looking to meet other like-minded individuals.

Best for

  • Best for gay men looking to meet other gay men.
  • Best for bisexual and queer individuals seeking relationships with like-minded people.
  • Best for those who are interested in exploring their sexuality or gender identity through online dating.


1. What payment methods does OnlyLads accept?

OnlyLads accepts payment through credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. It’s pretty disappointing that they don’t accept more secure methods like Google Pay or Venmo. Plus it’s a dating site so you’d think they would have extra security measures in place for payments!

2. Can you delete your OnlyLads account?

Yes, you can delete your OnlyLads account. But it’s a real hassle and takes forever to do so. I wouldn’t recommend using this site if you’re looking for an easy way out!

3. What is OnlyLads?

OnlyLads is a dating site that caters exclusively to men. It’s pretty much just an online meat market, and it’s not really my cup of tea. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something serious.

4. Is OnlyLads trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust OnlyLads. It’s not the most reliable dating site out there and I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about it. Plus, it doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to safety and security measures for its users. All in all, I’d stay away from this one if you’re looking for something trustworthy!

Karen Bigman

Karen Bigman is an online dating expert who has dedicated her career to helping singles find the perfect match. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from New York University and has been researching, writing about, and consulting on all aspects of modern relationships for over 10 years. As an avid user of many different dating sites and apps herself, Karen was inspired to help others navigate the complex world of online romance after experiencing both successes and failures with various platforms throughout her own journey. Her reviews are highly sought-after due to their comprehensive nature - she covers everything from signup processes through matching algorithms right down to cost/value analysis so that readers can make informed decisions when selecting which site or app will work best for them. In addition to providing valuable insights into how each platform works (and doesn't), Karen also shares tips on creating effective profiles as well as strategies for making meaningful connections once you've found someone special. Through it all she emphasizes one key point: be yourself! By taking this approach instead of trying too hard or conforming your personality just because you think it'll increase your chances at finding love, you're more likely have success than if you try something else entirely out-of-character – not only in terms of getting dates but also maintaining healthy relationships afterwards too!

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