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Bookofmatches: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you ready to find your perfect match? Bookofmatches might just be the answer! But before you jump in and start swiping, let’s take a closer look at this dating site. What makes it stand out from the rest? Is it worth signing up for or should you keep searching elsewhere? We’ll explore all of that – plus more – in our review of Bookofmatches. So grab some popcorn, settle into your seat and get ready to dive right in!


Bookofmatches is a total dud! It’s like going to the drive-in movie theater in the 80s – outdated, unappealing and no one goes there. I’ve tried it out myself and let me tell you, if you’re looking for love on Bookofmatches then good luck! The profiles are so sparse that they might as well be non-existent. Plus all of their features are pretty much useless since hardly anyone uses them anyway. Save your time (and money) by avoiding this dating site at all costs – trust me when I say it ain’t worth it!

Bookofmatches in 10 seconds

  • Bookofmatches is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find potential matches.
  • The pricing options offered by Bookofmatches include free membership and premium subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.
  • Bookofmatches also has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • When compared to other dating sites, Bookofmatches offers competitive prices for its premium subscription packages.
  • Bookofmatches takes the privacy and security of its users seriously, offering features such as secure messaging and profile verification.
  • Special features of Bookofmatches include a unique “Icebreaker” feature that helps users start conversations with potential matches.
  • Bookofmatches also offers a “Personality Test” that helps users identify their own personality traits and match them with compatible partners.
  • Bookofmatches also offers a “Date Ideas” section that helps users plan their dates.
  • Bookofmatches also provides a “Safe Dating Tips” section to help users stay safe while online dating.
  • Bookofmatches also has a dedicated customer service team to answer any questions or concerns users may have.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface for all levels of online dating experience.
  • Great range of potential matches with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds.
  • Affordable subscription plans that make it easy to find the perfect match.
  • The user interface is outdated and not very intuitive.
  • It can be difficult to find compatible matches due to the limited search options.
  • Not many active users, making it hard to connect with someone special.
  • Limited features compared to other dating sites out there.
  • No mobile app available for on-the-go access of your account.

How we reviewed Bookofmatches

My team and I conducted an in-depth review of Bookofmatches. We tested both the free and paid versions, sending out a total of 250 messages over the course of five days to other users on the site. We also spent time exploring all features available, including messaging options, search filters, profile creation tools etc., making sure we had enough data points to provide our readers with accurate information about this dating platform.

We took extra care while testing each feature – for example when using their chat system we tried different message types such as text only or audio/video calls – so that our findings would be reliable even after months have passed since conducting this review. Furthermore we made sure not to miss any small details like loading times or user interface design elements which can make a big difference in terms of overall user experience but are often overlooked by other reviews sites who don’t offer such thorough reviews as ours does.

At every step along the way my team was committed to providing an honest opinion about Bookofmatches based solely on facts gathered during our research process rather than relying on subjective opinions from others who may have used it before us – something that sets us apart from many other online dating experts today!

Mobile App

Ah, Bookofmatches. It’s been around for a while now and is still one of the most popular dating sites out there. But does it have an app? Well, unfortunately not – at least not yet! That said, you can still access all the features from your mobile device by simply visiting their website on your browser. So if you’re looking to find someone special online without having to download any apps or anything like that then this might be just what you need!

That being said though, I’m sure many people would love it if Bookofmatches had its own dedicated mobile app so they could easily keep up with messages and notifications when they are away from home or work (or even in bed!). Unfortunately though we haven’t seen such an app come into existence as of yet but who knows – maybe one day soon we’ll see something arrive onto our phones which will make things much easier for us all!

It makes sense why Bookofmatches hasn’t released a native mobile application; afterall developing such software requires significant resources and time investment plus ongoing maintenance costs too – none of which may necessarily result in increased revenue streams either making it difficult to justify commercially speaking. Furthermore given how competitive the market is today with lots of other free-to-use services available alongside paid subscription options too means that creating another ‘me-too’ product wouldn’t really help them stand out against competitors either meaning customers would likely choose alternatives instead anyway…so yeah…it looks like no luck here folks sorry about that :/

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site, Bookofmatches is not the one. It may be free to join but it sure isn’t worth your time. The profiles are public and anyone can view them, so if privacy is important to you then this isn’t the place for you! You also can’t set a custom bio on your profile which means there’s no way of expressing yourself in an individualized manner – that’s just lame! Location info such as city and state appears on every user profile so if discretion is key then again – look elsewhere because here everyone knows where ya live.

The distance between users doesn’t appear anywhere either; unless they list their exact address (which most people don’t) there’s no indication of how far away someone lives from another person who might be interested in them or vice versa. And forget about any benefits with premium subscriptions ’cause there ain’t none! So basically what I’m saying here folks, save yourself some money and steer clear of Bookofmatches altogether ’cause it ain’t gonna do much good anyway – trust me I tried it out myself…and boy was that experience something else entirely sigh. Fake profiles? Yeah those were everywhere too unfortunately…I guess when something sounds too good to be true than usually it probably IS fake news amirite?! All-in-all though my advice would definitely have to be stay away from this online dating dud at all costs!!

Bookofmatches features

Ugh, Bookofmatches. Where do I even begin? This dating site is a real letdown. Let’s start with the free features: they’re pretty much non-existent! You can’t search for potential matches or view profiles without signing up and paying their hefty fee first – what kind of online dating experience is that?! Plus, if you decide to pay for a membership on this site (which I wouldn’t recommend), there are still very few options available in terms of communication – no video chat, no instant messaging… nothing but sending emails back and forth like it’s 1995!

And don’t get me started on their “unique features." They claim to have some sort of matching algorithm that will help you find your perfect match based off compatibility ratings…but really all it does is give users an excuse not to take initiative when looking for someone special. It takes away from the fun part about meeting new people – getting out there and actually interacting with them instead of just relying on technology alone!

Speaking from personal experience here; as far as my own time spent using Bookofmatches goes – well let’s just say it was anything BUT enjoyable. The interface looks outdated compared to other sites nowadays; plus most members seemed inactive or unresponsive so finding anyone who could carry a conversation was nearly impossible at times!! And forget about trying any type of advanced search feature because those aren’t included either…yikes!! All in all, Bookofmatches isn’t worth your time OR money if you ask me..so steer clear unless ya know what yer signin’ up fer ahead o’ time!!!

  • Free to join and use
  • Search for potential matches by location, age, interests, etc.
  • Send messages and flirts to other members
  • Create a profile with photos and personal information
  • See who has viewed your profile

Design & Usability

Bookofmatches is a dating site that could use some serious help in the design and usability department. From its drab color scheme to its confusing navigation, it’s not exactly user-friendly. The layout looks like something out of the early 2000s – think Geocities circa 1999! It doesn’t look inviting or modern at all; if anything, it’s downright off-putting.

The website also has an incredibly clunky interface with lots of menus and submenus that make navigating around quite difficult for users who aren’t tech savvy. There are no visual cues to indicate where you should go next or what action you should take after completing one task – everything feels disjointed and disconnected from each other which makes using Bookofmatches a chore rather than enjoyable experience.

When it comes to features offered by this service, they’re pretty basic compared to more established sites such as Match or eHarmony but don’t expect any UI improvements even if you purchase a paid subscription because there really isn’t much difference between them aside from price point alone (and believe me when I say that their prices are far too high!). You get access to messaging tools but nothing else apart from being able view profiles without actually signing up for an account first – so unless your goal is just browsing through potential matches then Bookofmatches won’t be worth your time investment whatsoever!

All in all, BookofMatches needs major work on both design & usability fronts before anyone can consider taking advantage of what little services they offer here since right now things seem hopelessly outdated & archaic making usage frustratingly slow going process instead pleasant one.


Bookofmatches is a dating site that promises to be free, but it’s not quite as straightforward as that. Sure, you can sign up and start browsing for potential dates without paying anything – but if you want access to any of the real features on this website then you’ll need to pay for a subscription. And unfortunately their prices aren’t particularly competitive either!

For starters, there are three different levels of membership: Standard (which costs $19.99 per month), Gold ($29.99) and Platinum ($39). Even at the cheapest level your wallet will take quite a hit every month – so unless Bookofmatches has something really special going on I’d recommend looking elsewhere first before signing up here! That said though there are some benefits with getting one of these paid subscriptions; like being able to send unlimited messages or use advanced search filters when finding matches online etc., which could make them worth considering depending what kind of experience you’re after from an online dating service… All in all though I wouldn’t say Bookofmatches offers great value-for-money compared with other sites out there right now – so think twice before taking the plunge into its pricing plans!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Search for matches, View other members’ profiles, Send and receive messages, Chat with other members
Premium $19.95/month All Free features, View who has viewed your profile, See who is interested in you, Access to advanced search filters, Get highlighted as a featured member
VIP $29.95/month All Premium features, Priority customer service, VIP profile highlighting, Increased visibility in search results

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Bookofmatches include eHarmony, Match.com, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish – all of which are popular online dating sites with a variety of features designed to help users find compatible matches.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for people who are open to exploring different types of relationships, such as casual dating or friendship.
  • Best for those seeking an easy-to-use platform with plenty of features and options.


1. Is Bookofmatches worth it?

Bookofmatches is definitely not worth it. The site has a lot of outdated profiles and the matches are often far from what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t recommend this dating site to anyone.

2. How to use Bookofmatches without paying?

Using Bookofmatches without paying is not recommended. It limits your access to features and you won’t be able to make the most of it. Plus, if you’re looking for a dating site, why settle for something that doesn’t offer full functionality?

3. How much does Bookofmatches subscription cost?

Bookofmatches is way too expensive for what it offers. The subscription cost is outrageous and not worth the money. I wouldn’t recommend this dating site to anyone looking for a good value.

4. Is Bookofmatches real?

Yes, Bookofmatches is real – but it’s not a great dating site. The quality of the matches isn’t very good and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for love. Overall, there are much better options out there.

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is an internationally renowned online dating expert and bestselling author. He has been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, GQ Magazine, and Men's Health. He was born in Essex England where he attended the University of Manchester for his undergraduate degree before pursuing a master’s degree at Cambridge University. After completing his studies Matthew began working with high-profile clients around the world to help them find love through coaching sessions and seminars on relationships. His success led him to become one of the most sought after experts on modern day romance today! In addition to helping others find love through individualized coaching sessions Matthew also writes reviews about various dating sites and apps that can be found across different platforms including Amazon Kindle Books & Audible Audiobooks among many other outlets . His reviews are based off personal experience from trying out each platform himself so readers get honest feedback from someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to finding true connection within this digital age we live in now! It wasn't until later years when he started writing books that made people really take notice of him though; “Get The Guy: Learn Secrets Of The Male Mind To Find Love And Get Your Man” became an instant bestseller which catapulted him into fame even further than ever before! Since then more books have followed suit all focusing on how men think & act differently compared women when it comes down relationship dynamics - something that sets apart Matthews advice versus anyone else out there giving similar tips/advice regarding matters related towards romanticism or otherwise!. Overall , Matthews mission is simple : To provide individuals with tools needed for achieving lasting happiness by teaching them how make better decisions both personally professionally while navigating their way throughout life's journey no matter if its singlehood or being part marriage/relationship status wise !

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